We are a generation Y company mainly engaged in waste transportation. We are following the footsteps of our parents, who have been transporting waste in the European Union for at least 30 years. We carry our Walkingfloor around Western Europe. Our clients demand Western European standards, full loyalty, flexibility, a high level of communication from us and I must say we have passed the exam. We also expect our drivers to have a Western European behavioral culture. This can only happen if they are both morally and existentially valued, of course. We are constantly using the opportunities of the modern world as we work. For example, we communicate with our drivers using Viber, they take pictures of their papers and send them through the application without burdening our environment. We can send pictures of the goods and cargoes to our clients. All of our cars have the printing capability to handle neutral shipments professionally.

It is always a pleasure for us to see a new technology to recycle, recycle what we once thought to be useless. We are happy to transport such products, because you know that you are doing something good for our environment.

Family car fleet in the 80's 90's

TRANS DO IT családi autópark 80-as 90-es években

Family car fleet nowadays

TRANS DO IT Családi autópark napjainkban


International freight forwarding

Waste transport
Bulk goods, scattered bulk goods

International collector traffic, LTL logistics
Complete and part loads, FTL logistics
Domestic transportation


Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Hungary, France, Czech Republic, Belgium, Poland, Slovenia